You should have seen her face!

“You should have seen her face when I started speaking to her in Cebuano!”



Words and phrases that will melt the heart of your Filipina wife, girlfriend or penpal!
(Please note that all images are representations of the digital product.)

“Give me just 5 minutes of your time and I’ll show you exactly how you can have this experience too…”


Hello. My name is Bud Brown and as a linguist, public school teacher and traveler, I know that knowing another language can be a tremendous asset. And being married to a Filipina for over 40 years as well as having lived in the Philippines, I am well aware of how frustrating it can be for an English speaker learning Cebuano.
The best way to learn a language is by
-reading the text
-hearing the language
-then using the language
That why I created this multimedia report with, not only text that you can read, but also with audio files, so you will know the proper pronunciation. The audio files were made with native and non native speakers of Cebuano.
Because this is a digital product, you will be able to download the report to your computer or any portable player so you can read or listen where ever you are.
For a short time I am offering this product for only  $9.95. Grab it now while the price is so low.


YES! I want this report.

Only $19.95 $9.95


Section 1 You’re cute!
Section 2 I like you.
Section 3 You’re so nice!
Section 4 I love you
Section 5 I miss you.
Section 6 I want to marry you.
Bonus 1 “After the honeymoon”
Bonus 2   Cultural Conflicts
More Bonuses
Getting To Know You
Do you like ____?

Here is a sample:
Click below to hear sample audio files of this section


Section 4          I LOVE YOU
I love you.                    Gihigugma tika.
I love you too.            Gihigugma pud teka.
Do you love me?       Gihigugma ko nimo?
Of course!                    Syempre
Yes                                   Oo
No                                    Dili
I will love you forever!  Higugmaon tika hangtod sa kahangturan.
My love is real.            Akong gugma nimo tinud-anay.
I love you very much.  Gihigugma teka ug sobra.

Once you go through this report you will be able to…

  • Speak and understand simple romantic Cebuano phrases
  • Tell your Filipina how you really feel about her in her language.
  • impress not only her, but her friends and family
  • Receive a BONUS report: “FIVE Cultural Conflicts you WILL have with your Filipina and how to resolve them”
    This BONUS report will help you understand  Filipino customs that normally lead to misunderstandings with a Westerner.
  • Much more!
    You can have instant access to all of this right now. Just click the BUY  button below where you will be sent to the Paypal site. There, you can purchase with your Paypal account or most any credit or debit card. When I receive notice of your purchase from Paypal I will send you to the download site. Thanks!


YES! I want this report.

Only $19.95 $9.95

I wish you the best!


Bud Brown

P.S. Please note that this is a digital download where you will receive the download instructions to the ebook and audio files. You will be able to download the files to any computer. You will be able to read the report on your computer or print it out. The audio files can also be downloaded into any mp3 player.

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